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Common Name: Spikenard | Scientific Name: Nardostachyos Jatamansi

Family Name: Valerianaceae


Ok, this is one of my personal favorites. Partly because it has a most excellent history attached to it and partly because of what it can do for a person. I wont give the story away, but, I will say that if you are suffering from stress related illnesses, this is one plant you have just got to learn about.


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Part Used: Root

Plant Family:
Valerianaceae. Also related to the more commonly known plant, Valerian.

Remember This:
Deep Relaxation Plant.

Primary Uses:
Sleep Aid, Anxiety cure, Blood pressure reduction, meditation aide. Sounds like a bunch of unrelated conditions? Not really. All of these conditions are caused by tension. Spikenard relieves tension, whether thats in your mind or your arteries. Too tense to sleep? Spikenard. So up tight your blood pressure is through the roof. Spikenard? Too pre-occupied to meditate? Spikenard. Its also used to improve sex and for related reasons. Tense people rarely feel the sex magic….ask a working mother if you want verification on that one! Spikenard to the rescue.

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