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Common Name: Solomons Seal | Scientific Name: Polygonatum Mulitflorum

Family Name: Liliaceae


This herb was used when the body was leaking stuff…..mucous in particular! It was used to lessen secretions, be that mucous or menstrual flow, by the Eclectic Physicians. Its fallen out of use, but, is one worthy of contemporary research.


Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

1911: Fyfe
Irritated and relaxed mucous membranes; leucorrhea and menorrhagia, debility, especially in females, irritable conditions of the intestines, especially when attended with burning sensations, congestion of the liver, spleen or intestines, inactive portal circulation, hemorrhoid. This exerts a direct action upon the circulation, and especially upon that o the venous system. Polygonatum multiforum is tonic, mildly astringent and mucilagenous.

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