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Common Names: Virginia Snakeroot | Scientific Name: Aristolochia Serpentaria

Family Name: Aristolachiaceae


Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

1883: Scudder
The flowering herb artemisia absinthium. Dose: From twenty to forty grains, in substance. Absinthium is tonic and anthelmintic, and when externally applied is said to be discutient and antiseptic. It is sometimes used as an anthelmintic to expel the ascaris vermicularis and lumbricoides, but is not in general use. For a full description of its properties, see tonics.

1911: Fyfe
Sensation of weight and dragging in the loins, with scanty urine, sense of fullness in the chest, with difficult respiration, enfeebled stomach following exhausting diseases.enfeebled stomach following exhausting diseases. Serpentaria in small doses is stimulant, tonic, diaphoretic, and diuretic. In large doses it is emetic and cathartic.

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