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Ramps are a relative of garlic.... that grows in the shade of the deep forest. It grows in great waves of green so when you find some growing in the woods, you find more than you could ever use!
Close up, Ramps does not look much like garlic. But the leaf, stem, and bulb all exude a super strong garlic scent and flavor to any dish. There are people who sautee the leaves with butter and eat them as such... but that would be a strong garlic dish for me!
If you like garlic, the great part is that you can collect this from the woods all over America, and use it in small amounts to flavor all manner of dishes. I think it best to freeze it and then its on hand when I want to add a garlic touch to my cooking.
One thing to bear in mind, ramps come and go in very early spring. So, if you want to collect some, plan on start prowling the woods in early march. When the crocus are blooming, the ramps will be coming out.

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