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Common Name: Myrrh | Scientific Name: Commiphora Molmol

Family Name: Burseraceae


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Part used: Sap from thW tree

In a word:
Wound healer

Keeps wounds free from infection and speeds the healing process

Practitioner’s Advice
Since the beginning of time, literally, myrrh has been used to heal damaged tissues. Its ability to heal tissues was so profound that early in history it became a commodity. This is an ancient first aid plant and one that should be kept around when accidents occur. It prevents wounds from becoming infected and speeds the healing process. In the old days the substance was powdered and poulticed unto wounds. Today, herbalists feel it is better to use an alcoholic myrrh tincture. It should be applied four times a day.

History: Used by ancient Egyptians to heal wounds
Science: Contains antibacterial compounds
Practitioners’ opinion: Keeps wounds free from infection

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