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Common Name: Jacobs Ladder | Scientific Name: Polemonium Reptans

Family Name: Polymoniaceae


An interesting and very unused medicinal plant, jacobs ladder was formerly used to treat snake bite and reported to cure TB. This suggests it powerfully stimulates the bodies intrinsic healing capacity. That said, I dont know much about it and this is an herb somebody needs to study. It might be the one that helps us survive our toxic world.


Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

1854. John King. Materia Medica. – POLEMONIUM REPTANS
Properties and Uses. – Alterative, disphoretic, and astringent. A warm infusion of the root will, it is said, produce copious perspiration, and ahs been found serviceable in pleurisy, febrile and inflammatory diseases. The tincture, made of whisky, in doses of from one to two fluidounces, two or three times a day, has been found valuable in all scrofulous diseases, and other chronic diseases where an alterative is indicated. The infusion is recommende in bites of venomous snakes and insects, and in bowel complains requiring the use of astringents. Reported to have cured consumption.

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