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Common Name: Flowering Spurge | Scientific Name: Euphorbia Corolata

Family Name: Euphorbiaceae


Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

1874: J.M. Scudder – EUPHORBIA COROLLATA – E. IPECACUANHA – (Bowman’s Root-Wild Ipecac)
Preparation – Prepare a tincture of the first from the bark of the root, of the second, from the root, (dried), 3viij. to Alcohol 76degree Oj. Dose, gtts. j. to x.

These remedies have not been sufficiently studied; yet, possessing active properties, they are likely to prove valuable. The Euphorbia Corollata exercises a direct influence upon the mucous surfaces, relieving irritation, and promoting functional activity. This is noticed more especially in the digestive tract. In quite small doses it improves digestion, both stomachic and intestinal, tends to overcome constipation and irregularity.

It may be employed with adtantage in some forms of diarrhoea and dysentery, using it in the place of Ipecac. To arrest infalmmatory action in the intestinal canal, seems to be its specific use.

1895: Watkins: EUPHORBIA COR, SP MED:
Elongated and pointed tongue, papillae prominent, uneasy sensations in stomach, cholera infantum with greenish irritating discharges, hot, tender abdomen, constant desire to go to stool. Ten drops to four ounces of water; teaspoonful every two hours.

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