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Common Name: Carolina Horsenettle | Scientific Name: Solanum Carolinense

Family Name: Solanaceae


A minor player briefly mentioned by the Eclectics. Not much data to present on this one.

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Synonym – Horse nettle.

Preparations – Tincture Solanum. Dose, from twenty to sixty minims. Specific Solanum, made from the root. Dose from five to twenty minims.

Constituents – Solnine, Solanine, Solanidine, Solanic acid.

Therapy – The remedy has been used with some success in the treatment of epilepsy. It was used in an Eastern hospital for epileptics experimentally, with a reduction in the number of paroxysms of twenty-five per cent. It may be given in all forms of epilepsy in sufficient frequent doses to produce a sensation of dullness or drowsiness. It has cured some stubborn cases and has relieved many. Its specific field is yet to be determined.

It has been used in the treatment of puerperal convulsions with satisfactory results, in a few cases. In hysterical paroxysms it has been useful.

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