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Common Name: Bush Honeysuckle | Scientific Name: Diervilla Candadensis

Family Name: Caprifoliaceae


Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Properties and Uses – Diuretic, astringent, and alterative. A cold infusion of the bruised leaves and twigs, used freely, has been very beneficial in inflammation of the bladder with gravelly deposit in the urine, in nephritic and calculous affections, and in gonorrhea. The root is said to be a superior article, in decoction or syrup, for the cure of syphilis. Externally applied to erysipelas, or erysipelatous inflammations, and over the inflammed surface occasioned by the rhus, ivy or poison vine, it soon relieves the itching, burning, inflammation and swelling.

1874: Scudder
Preparation – A tincture may be prepared from the recent leaves and twigs, 3viij. to Alcohol 76degree Oj. Dose gtts. x. to 3j.

We have no positive knowledge with regard to this agent, thought it is credited with active properties. It would be well to test its influence upon the urinary apparatus, and to increase waste and nutrition.

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