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Common Name: Black Musli | Scientific Name: Curculigo Orchioides

Family Name: Orchidaceae


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Chinese: pinyin: xian mao

English: black musli

Part Used: plant

Chemical Content:
calcium oxylate, resin, tannin.

Safety Rating: used in Chinese medicine

Chinese pharmacies

This is one of the Chinese super star aphrodisiac plants, the stemless wonder is used to treat impotence, spermatorrhea, and any other malfunction of the Cap’n. The notion is that it will make an ailing Cap’n get it together, and a normal Cap’n get into a super penis. The name in Chinese is immortal grass, a hint of its powers. For women it is used to treat infertility, making it a dangerous herb for those not wanting to conceive. In China the plant is boiled into a tea, taken on an as needed basis.

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