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Common Name: Aconite | Scientific Name: Aconitum napellus

Family Name: Ranunculaceae


Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Notes from the Eclectic Physicians

Aconite is a valuable remedy in the treatment of morbid states of the alimentary canal. In angina faucium and follicular tonsillitis it combines with phytolacca to constitute a very successful prescription, the result being almost immediate relief in most instances. In this case the proportion is from five to ten drops of aconite, from a half drachm to a drachm of phytolacca, and four ounces of water, of which the dose should be a teaspoonful every hour.

In gastric irritation it is valuable, the aconite alone serving a good purpose, though its combination with rhus tox. is usually more satisfactory. Five drops of aconite and ten or fifteen drops of rhus in four ounces of water, furnish the appropriate strength for teaspoonful doses, which may be repeated every half hour or hour, according to the urgency of the symptoms. In some forms of cholera infantum, in cholera morbus, and in diarrhoea from irritation, the same prescription is very successful, not only relieving nausea and vomiting but controlling diarrhoea.

Aconite combines with ipecac to control many cases of infantile diarrhoea, cholera infantum and other intestinal irritation attendant upon dentition, as well as dysentery and other acute gastro-intestinal irritation in adults. It is a favorite and effective ally of other remedies of this class in almost all forms of recent faxcular disturbance of the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane.

In apthous inflammation of the oral mucous membrane, acute in character, aconite and phytolacca combined as already directed, constitute a specific treatment, few cases refusing to yield to two or three days of their use.

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